Summer Bucket List




Looking for ways to keep your kiddos busy and engaged this summer?  One of our awesome customers, and friend, shared such a cute idea we had to recreate and share! If you're on instagram, checkout Nicole's cute feed for fun food, family fun and awesome book suggestions! Follow her here!

We loved her idea and had to recreate and share! Follow the link and select 'File' then 'Make a Copy' (see screen shot). This will open up your very own copy where you will be able enter in your own summer fun!

When you're finished entering all your bucket items, select 'File' > 'Download As' > 'PDF' (see screen shot). 

Then you will want to print this baby, and we think the bigger the better! Nicole and Amanda printed theirs at their local print shops (Staples, OfficeMax...) as an engineer print. You can easily upload your PDF document via their website to send to store to print. Nicole mentions that you can print a 24"x36" for just $3.59 at Staples! The paper is perfect to post on any wall with painters tape, and check off the items all summer long.

Click here to get your Summer Bucket List!

Happy Summer, Babes!

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