Amanda's Hair Tutorial

Hey there, ladies! We hope your week has been beautiful and you had an amazing day celebrating our wonderful country!

We wanted to start off our blog with a simple and sweet hair tutorial by the master braider {even though this isn't *technically* a braid}, by our very own Amanda! She has been working on her craft, and Natalie's personal hair-braider, for many years!

easy hair tutorial

So cute, right?! Gotta love a hairstyle that you can sleep in, and wake up to have it look even better than the day before. #morningwin!

To prove that it's a simple as she says, Natalie will make her very own feeble attempt at completing the hairstyle. She is a total boy mom, and can hardly curl her own her hair let alone braid it. We will see just how easy this style really is. Yeah Amanda, the pressure is on and we need you to deliver!

So grab a beverage, some hair elastics and follow along.


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